Come and be a part of the fun.

A typical day at Guilsborough  Pre School begins with us welcoming the children into the Pre-school at 9am. We then explore and play downstairs in the Red, Green and Yellow room - we have recently redocorated and new room names have yet to be decided!  

At 9.40 we all go upstairs together for circle time. We take the register now and children that want to can share news or their show and tell with the rest of the group. We have snack at 10.15, which always consists of a protein, carbohydrate and a fruit or vegetable. When everyone has had the opportunity to finish their snack, we then have more focused learning time until 11.40.

We will use all of the building in this time dependant with how many staff we have in and where the children want to play.
Some children go home before 12 and the rest of us then have lunch at about 12.10pm in the purple room.

Children either bring their own packed lunch or a hot lunch can be ordered which then arrives from the catering staff at Guilsborough Primary School. During lunchtime fantastic communication happens naturally between all of the children, not to mention the staff who join them for lunch daily! We all aim to be finished lunch and upstairs in the blue room for some quiet time at 1pm.

Any children that require a sleep have the opportunity then in the Discovery Den. Further children may then go home at 1.45 and the rest of us will go down for a small snack. We will then spend the rest of the day exploring until it is time to go home at 3pm. 

 What the parents say:

'My son has always been so well looked after by the staff. I have never had to question his happiness.’

‘The staff are caring, positive and professional. Everybody has different personalities which gives the children a real balance.’

‘In her 18 months here my daughter has experienced so many different activities. She has enjoyed every day.’

‘He loves his time at preschool and has thrived in the cottage style environment.’

‘We are very pleased that there is a focus on reading. It is always nice to read a book at night that she had chosen herself.’

‘The smaller rooms made it an ideal place for my child with additional needs.’